Make fitness fun again

You see it on almost every fitness account on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.:

You gotta grind!  Up at 4 am!  If you’re not squatting 900 lbs what are you doing!?!?

That mentality has never made sense to me.  Why is my 5:30 pm workout after work any different than your wake up at 2 am, at the gym by 4 am workout?  We got the same workout in?  We burned the same amount of calories?

Why should I “suffer” through my workout? “Live in pain or remain the same” is a ridiculous quote.  Now I get that I shouldn’t be comfortable during my workout but in pain?  That doesn’t make much sense to me.

Why should everyone have to squat or deadlift to be considered to be healthy and have a great workout?  To be fair, I LOVE squatting and deadlifting.  Not much feels better to me than picking up 500 lbs off the floor.  But then there is someone like my mom.  Why is here workout looked down on compared to mine because she went to our local high school and walked two miles on the track and I went to the gym and put 400 lbs on my back and squatted down and stood back up a few times?  We both got out and did something, right?

Everyone can be fit.  It doesn’t take much.  You have to find an activity that makes you happy.  That’s it.  For me I love power lifting.  For my mom it’s going on a walk.  My fiance loves to swim.  You just have to find your thing.  The thing you love to do that burns calories and gets you off the couch.  It doesn’t matter if its lifting weights, running, swimming, biking, hiking, soccer, basketball, tennis , karate, boxing, or even something as simple as walking around your neighborhood.  Make fitness fun again!



4 thoughts on “Make fitness fun again

  1. I’ve been religiously lifting and doing cardio for 40 years. It’s not how much you lift or how muscular your appearance; it’s about MOVEMENT and FUNCTION. As we age we want to be able to enjoy the quality of life we desire. Those who recognize the importance of ACTIVE PARTICIPATION and accept the RESPONSIBILITY are much more likely to fulfill this desire. For everyone else, it will remain nothing more than an ongoing WISH instead of a REALITY.

    Keep up the good work. Sharing your story will help incentivize many readers!

    I wrote a post called “IMPRESSED?” that places perspective on “appearance” vs. joyful living. I’m attaching the link because I think you will be able to relate to it well. I don’t believe in promoting my blog site on other people’s sites, so I understand if you choose to delete it. At 3 weeks short of my 58th birthday, I share my PASSION and beliefs on health and quality living.

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