Day 2

It could be worse right?

I woke up this morning the most sore I have been in  a long time.  For some reason I didn’t start with Cory Gregory’s “Get Stacked 1” plan.  I jumped to 12.  Maybe not my smartest move but I’m loving the workouts so far!  Lots of super sets and short rest periods have me dripping sweat by the end of the workout.  Plus, I’m liking the squat every day with lunges!  Kicking. My. Butt!

The diet is where I’m struggling.  Without going into much detail because I want you to go sign up and see for yourself (the site membership is $8.99 which is a STEAL) Cory has combined intermittent fasting along with anabolic diet (carb cycling).  I just have to get used to the intermittent fasting.  I’ve scheduled to have my feeding window in between noon and 8:00 pm and by the time 10:30 am rolls around I’m starving!  Everything I’ve read says I will get used to it so I’m staying strong!

Best part of the diet is I don’t need so much caffeine!  I wake up, take preworkout and go to the gym and that is the only caffeine I have all day!  Normally I will have another 2-3 Monster Zero’s throughout the day.  My adrenals thank you Cory!

Gonna keep going strong.  This diet allows for weekend cheats so be on the look for my first beer review (and perhaps YouTube video…) this Saturday.  Until work hard and keep it fun.



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